Penyuluhan Bahaya Merokok Bagi Kesehatan Di Kenagarian Simpang Sugiran Kecamatan Guguak Kabupaten 50 Kota

  • Ida suryati STIKes Perintis Padang
  • Yendrizal Jafri STIKes Perintis Padang
  • Faleri Siskayunere STIKes Perintis Padang
Keywords: Dangers of Smoking, Health Education, Smoking


This activity is a form of application in community service carried out by lecturers and students. Based on the results of surveys, interviews and observations, it was found that community problems regarding the number of people in village Simpang Sugiran who smoke, including adolescents and school children, Simpang Sugiran, which consists of the elderly, adults, adolescents and children are the most valuable assets. Teenagers in village Simpang Sugiran are talents we need to channel their talents to make a good name. However, this has begun to be lacking in the adolescent's intersection. Many complaints from the public about school children who started smoking, often teachers get children who smoke and also found many families who smoke. Smoking not only has an impact on cigarette smoke but also for those around smokers who get smoke from cigarettes. The high rate of smoking will also have an impact on the high rate of smoking-related illnesses. Smoking habits can increase the likelihood of a person being attacked by several diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) which can even lead to death. Providing health education at Simpiran Sugiran about the dangers of smoking can reduce one's desire to smoke. The existence of health education will form a good attitude and action in maintaining personal health.