Implementasi Pemberian Makanan Tambahan, Praktek PHBS Dalam Pencegahan Stunting Pada Siswa SDN 21 Sungai Bangek Kelurahan Lubuk Buaya Kec. Koto Tangah

  • Sepni Asmira stikes Perintis
  • Nurhamidah Nurhamidah STIKes Perintis Padang
  • Hendra Mukhlis
Keywords: poor nutrition, height, weight, practice of cleansing


The World Health organization (WHO) states that malnutrition results in 54% of infant and child deaths. The results of the WHO census show that 49% of the 10.4 million under-five deaths in developing countries are related to malnutrition. About 50% of Asian toddlers, 30% African toddlers, 20% of Latin Americans suffer from malnutrition (Ministry of Health, 2018) ⁠. The results of reports carried out at SDN 21 Sungai Bangek are known to be 40.3% (21 people) classified as malnourished (BB / U) and 26.9% (14 people) classified as short (TB / U) and 32.8% classified as normal. The purpose of this community service activity (pengabmas) is to look for the problem. The activity was carried out at SDN 21 Sungai Bangek, Lubuk Buaya Village, Koto Tangah Subdistrict, Padang City on the 07-08 November 2018 initial survey, November 20-21 2018 measurement of student body weight and height, on November 3 to 6 the data was collected and on January 17 2019 the implementation of community service activities. The methods used in the community service activities are: Implementation of PMT (Supplementary Food Delivery) and PHBS practice (6 steps of hand washing) in the prevention of stunting in students of SDN 21 Sungai Bangek, Lubuk Buaya Village, Koto Tangah District. The students were very enthusiastic in participating in this community service event, where there were questions and questions and answers between the speakers, students and students of SDN 21 Sungai Bangek who were present at the ceremony.